About Daphsam Photography


Through Daphsam Photography, our founder has been taking photos of travel and nature, including flowers and dogs, since 2006. Since then, her passion for photography has never wavered. In fact, it has only grown over time. Whether printed on a canvas or a mouse pad, her creativity and love of the medium and subjects shine through.

Aside from photography, our founder is also experienced in using Adobe Photoshop, as well as drawing, doing watercolor art, and graphic design. While her skills in nature, animal, and travel photography and Adobe Photoshop come from practice and online courses, her knowledge of graphic design is self-taught.

Daphsam Photography is proud of the different ways that our founder’s art and photography can be used. Whether they’re on mugs, home decorations, T-shirts, greeting cards, or prints, her art and photography have been attracting a lot of delighted customers each year.

Our Mission

It’s one of our goals to have our art and photography known to more people. In the process, we hope to have fun and continue being creative with our shots.